A presentation of Femenine by Julius Eastman at OCA with Ultima Oslo Contemporary Music Festival

OCA has the pleasure of announcing a concert at OCA as part of the Ultima festival, featuring a rarely performed piece by the once forgotten and currently celebrated pioneer of minimalist music Julius Eastman. Femenine (1974), which was performed only a handful of times during Eastman’s life, almost did not survive its own creator. A complete performance score does not exist, since so often Eastman’s players improvised under his supervision.

An early recording and an incomplete performance score, coupled with inventiveness, are the guiding principles to the memories and descriptions of Femenine which will be reconstructed by the British group Apartment House at OCA. This is the second concert of Julius Eastman’s music at this year’s Ultima festival, where one of the great enigmatic works of 20th century music will be performed. On the night before, that of 13 September, Jace Clayton’s Julius Eastman Memorial Dinner will be held at the Kulturkirken Jakob.

Formed by the cellist Anton Lukoszevieze in 1995, Apartment House has established itself as the leading British exponent of avant-garde and experimental music from around the world. Apartment House’s repertoire stems from the hard-core European avant-garde, embracing radical elements of experimental music for creating a wide range of acoustic and theatrical situations.

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