Art at Helsinki Airport

Helsinki_Airport_Aho_Soldan_ExhibitionAt Helsinki Airport Art Gallery, Finavia presents changing exhibitions of Finnish contemporary art and design. To celebrate the 150th anniversary of the great Finnish composer Jean Sibelius (8 December–20 September 1957), the Art Gallery currently shows a photo exhibition by Aho & Soldan.

The exhibition consists of five different sections displaying the versatility of the production of three Finnish artists, Heikki Aho, Björn Soldan and Claire Aho , and celebrating their life’s work spanning half a century. Art Gallery’s exhibition includes unique photos of Sibelius at his home in Ainola. The photos are part of a larger exhibition totalling 230 photos.

Helsinki_Airport_Art_Gallery_Aho_Soldan_1Air travellers are treated to views of city life in Helsinki in the 1930s captured by Aho & Soldan as well as Claire Aho’s stunning shots of Helsinki in 1968. In addition, the exhibition includes the “Studio Works” collection – which consists of Claire Aho’s dazzling fashion, PR and feature photos from the 1950s – and vintage prints by Aho & Soldan from the Centre Pompidou’s “The Light of the North” collection.

The exhibition is a coproduction of Finavia Corporation and Aho & Soldan, Claire Aho, the Sibelius Society of Finland, and Jean Sibelius’s Rights Holders. The exhibition design and build are by Jaakko Pesonen and Klaus Aalto in cooperation with Dialab Oy and Mytime Oy.

Helsinki_Airport_Art_Gallery_Aho_Soldan_3The exhibition is open until 31 December 2015. Admission is free 24/7 to all passengers departing or arriving via the gate area 32–38.

Three masters of photography

Heikki Aho (1895–1961) and Björn Soldan (1902–1953) were pioneers of Finnish photography and film. In 1924, they founded their legendary company, AHO & SOLDAN, which was to become the dynamo of cinematic arts. Their production opened up new perspectives on Finnish concepts of beauty, the history of everyday life and the industrialisation processes in society. The two men were among the most influential constructors of the modern image of Finland.

In the late 1940s, Heikki Aho’s daughter Claire Aho (born 1925) started at Aho & Soldan as documentary filmmaker, for example, filming the 1952 Helsinki Summer Olympics. She also had her own photography studio and became one of the pioneers of Finnish colour photography. She was especially active in the 1950s and 1960s. Brightly coloured, formally inventive and full of wit, her photographs capture a distinctive era in Finland’s history while maintaining contemporary vitality and relevance.

Helsinki_Airport_Aho_Soldan_6Art Gallery is part of Finavia’s Art Port concept

The foundation of the art concept is to present passengers surprising new services that function as a stopping point in the hectic airport milieu.

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